Warranty Policy

Centre Ice & Bauer Hockey Warranty Information

This page outlines the warranty coverage for Bauer hockey equipment purchased at Centre Ice. We understand that unexpected equipment issues can arise, and we’re here to help.

Warranty Overview:

Bauer, in collaboration with Centre Ice, offers warranties on various hockey equipment. The warranty period depends on the specific product category. This page provides a clear breakdown to help you understand what’s covered and for how long.

What’s Covered:

  • Manufacturer Defects: Warranties cover defects in materials or workmanship that cause the equipment to malfunction during normal use.

Please review the warranty table below for applicable warranty periods for each product. Please note that in order to be eligible for a warranty claim, you must present to us, your original receipt. We will not be able to process your claim, without a valid proof of purchase.

    • Please note that warranty claims, are for any defects in workmanship, within the time frame specified for the item you purchased.
    • Bauer or Centre Ice is not responsible for damages or abrasions to any equipment, as a result of playing the sport. Valid warranty claims will result in a one-time replacement only.



Skates (Player/Goal)

90 days

Roller hockey skates

90 days

Street hockey protective

30 days


1 year


90 days


1 year


1 year

Wires-purchased alone

90 days

Clear Visors

90 days

Player Protective

90 days

Goal Protective

90 days

Goalie masks

1 year

Goalie cages

90 days

Goal pads regular

90 days

Hyperlite/Ultrasonic pads

120 days


90 days

What’s Not Covered:

  • Normal Wear and Tear: Warranties don’t cover damage caused by everyday use.
  • Improper Use: Damage caused by using equipment on inappropriate surfaces or for unintended purposes is excluded.
  • Specific Products: Wood or foam core sticks and replacement blades are not covered under warranty.

Required Documents:

To process a warranty claim, you’ll need to provide the following:

  • Original receipt: This is crucial proof of purchase for all warranty claims.
  • White serial number sticker (composite sticks only): This sticker is located on the shaft of the stick and must be included for composite stick claims.


  • If a claim is submitted within 30 days of purchase, Centre Ice & BAUER Hockey will provide a one-time replacement only of your player or goalie composite stick if damaged due to a manufacturer defect.
  • To process your claim, Bauer & Centre Ice requires your original receipt along with the white serial number sticker. Hand-written receipts will not be accepted. Please keep a photocopy of your receipt for your records. Warranty claims without the required information will not be processed.
  • Note: There is no warranty for wood or foam core sticks or replacement blades. Please also note, that warranty will be voided, if the composite stick has been used on concrete or asphalt or any manner that is outside the intended use of the product.


Processing a Warranty Claim

We offer two convenient ways to submit a warranty claim:

Option 1: Online Claim Form (Preferred)

For a quick and easy experience, we recommend submitting your claim online. See the form below to submit your claim.

In the online form, you will be asked to provide:

  • Your Name
  • Email Address
  • Product Information (category, model, etc.)
  • Attach Proof of Purchase (original receipt)
  • Attach Images of the Damaged Equipment (clearly show the issue)
  • Briefly describe the problem

Once submitted, you’ll receive a confirmation email with further instructions.

Option 2: In-Store Claim

Visit us in store at Centre Ice to process your warranty claim in person. Our staff will be happy to assist you.

What to Expect During an In-Store Claim:

  • Bring your damaged equipment, original receipt.
  • A staff member will process the faulty equipment.
  • Depending on the claim and product availability, you may receive a replacement on the spot or be notified of the wait time.

Additional Resources:

  • Contact Us: Need further assistance? Contact our warranty department by phone at 09 8280947 or email us at info@centreice.co.nz.

By following these guidelines and providing the necessary documentation, we can ensure a smooth and efficient claim process.