Skate Sizing



We have put together this quick guide to ask questions that are helpful to us when making a suggestion on a skate size. Please note – we can’t guarantee a perfect fit every time but we do our best!

We get our sizing suggestions right 9.9 times out of 10 when the process is followed closely, and accurate information is provided by the customer.

Please read carefully, and follow each step closely – it’s very simple, and there is purpose behind each question – this helps us follow the process we have in place and makes our suggestions more accurate.

Can you please send us your foot measurements both length and width by standing on a ruler, and telling us in writing what the longest and widest point is in cm. For example; please send your measurements to us in writing – Width: 10.4cm Length: 27.7cm 

Can you please tell us what your US Shoe size is in sneakers/trainers? Something you wear on a regular basis! You could also measure the insole of this shoe, both length and width.

Do you have current skates and if so – what model and what size + width?

Can you please send us images of your feet without socks on at different angles (3-5 photos would be good) 

Please do not send us photos of your foot on the ruler as we can’t make out the measurement accurately. The difference between sizes literally comes down to millimetres, so please be as accurate as possible and re-measure if uncertain. The reason we ask for photos is so we can get an idea of what Fit will best suit your foot shape