Stick Blade Patterns

The right stick for any player is one that’s well-suited to his or her playing style. In addition to matching the length of your stick to your height, it’s important to choose one that has the right curve to direct pucks toward the net with greater speed and control.

Get the right blade pattern for your playing style. Hockey stick patterns can dictate the way sticks are designed to help you. Choose your curve and your blade pattern, and inspect the construction materials carefully before making a purchase. Players who prefer bigger curves to their blades use more wrist and snap shots because they create more power. Players who rely on slap shots use mid curve or more to get a higher velocity slap shot. Centre Ice can help you choose your curve and playing style with confidence.

Bauer ice hockey sticks can help with control, power, agility, and strike with greater force. With these and other features like shaft durability, flex, stiffness, head shape, and blade construction, you’ll have the right stick in your hands when you’re out on the ice.