Why do you play ice hockey? What’s the best part?

A: I play hockey because I love it and it is really fun. The best part of hockey is the intensity of the game and how fast flowing it is.


When did you first start playing?

A: I started when I was 5 and that was in 2010


You went to Vantaa, Finland for an ice hockey experience – what was the best part about playing overseas and how did you find it?

A: The best part of it was being able to play with and against the Finnish players and to experience such a different style of hockey. I found it quite a lot harder than hockey in New Zealand and how fast it was, but I really enjoyed it.


Walk us through your daily schedule now that we’re in lockdown – how often are you training and what kind of training are you doing?

A: Now that I am in lockdown, I am taking a little break from training but still get some exercise in daily. Whether that’s going for a run or bike ride. But for most of the day I am outside.

What’s the biggest difference you noticed between the level of hockey in NZ vs the level in Finland?

A: The biggest difference was that everyone in Finland is at a very high level of hockey compared to New Zealand because we don’t have as big of a hockey community, so our player’s skill is quite limited compared to them.


What did you miss most about playing hockey now that we’re in lockdown?

A: The thing I miss the most is probably the people because now that we are in lockdown and since I just got back from Finland a little before that, I haven’t had the chance to see most of them.


Take us through the emotions you felt when the final buzzer rang, and you realised your team had won a bronze medal?

A: I can’t really explain it was crazy and I thought we were going to go to penalty shootout but when we scored it was just crazy.

What is your favourite NHL team and player? Why?

A: My favourite NHL team is the Washington Capitals because I have just always liked the team and I don’t really have a favourite play but if I had to choose, I would probably choose Patrick Laine.


If you had to describe that player in three words what would they be?

A: Talented, Good and Fast


What’s your mindset during a game? Any pregame rituals?

A: I try to not think about the game that much otherwise it gets into my head and I start to think about too much and it takes my mind off the game.

I don’t really have any pregame rituals but most of the time before I go to play a game, I go in the hot tub I’m not sure why, but I do that quite a lot.


During the offseason is there anything you do to keep yourself conditioned for the coming season?

A: I go to the gym at least one or two times a week and I go biking a lot in the summer.


What are your goals for your hockey career e.g. scholarship, playing abroad, AA/AAA?

A: I don’t really have goals for my hockey I just want to see how far it takes me and how far I can get.


How do you deal with losses?

A: I try to get over it and think about the next thing and move on, but sometimes if it’s really important you stop thinking about it really.


Favourite hockey moment? (e.g. travelling with your team, a funny moment or anything notable)

A: one of my favourite moments is just before leaving Finland, I played in a three-day tournament up north in Finland. It was so cold that the road was all covered in ice which was about 7-10 cm thick and we had to run to the rink from our hotel. The funniest thing was that about 80% of our team slipped and completely ate it right before playing for bronze and we couldn’t stop talking about it.


What would you tell 5 year old you (when you first started out)?

A: Just to enjoy the game and have fun and see where it will get you.