Vapor X3 Skate

Vapor X3 Skate

$549.99$599.99 Inc Gst

The X3 skate is the result of 25 years of innovation. We are now able to build a competitive level skate with technology from previous years’ high end models at a friendlier price that’s perfect for any new hockey player.

DIGI COMP QuarterLove being in your boots with a more flexible construction and added comfort at the ankle Comfort Edge Collar.

Pro Stock Comfort Tongue Professional feel and comfort for added performance

LIGHTSPEED (LS) EDGE Holder – The blade holder that’s trusted by over 80% of NHL players for a decade. This first of its kind holder features a quick release trigger to allow for fast steel replacement or service so you never have to miss a shift.

LS+ Steel – Increased steel quality and height gives players a tighter turn radius and ability to profile and sharpen for longer periods of time.