Revision Multi-Surface Pro Inline Wheel

Revision Multi-Surface Pro Inline Wheel

$19.99 Inc Gst


The Revision Multi Surface Pro Wheels are totally redesigned to perform at a pro-level on more than one surface. Revision wanted to provide players who don’t necessarily have access to indoor tiled rinks a wheel that would perform optimally on their hometown surface. With an all-new formula, the Revision Multi Surface Pro Wheel provides players with better grip, speed, and durability on surfaces such as wood, coated concrete, smooth concrete, and even tiled surfaces too.

Fit Guidelines Standard 608 bearing size
Ideal Playing Surface Sport Court, Hockey Tiles, Wood, Smooth Concrete
Product Note DEK tile or similar non-hockey perforated tiles provide less wheel contact surface area. As a result, using wheels on these surfaces has less grip and will wear down quicker.


Smaller Core
Allows outer urethane to flex, resulting in maximized grip!
Wheel Profile Tapered
Urethane Single Pour
Made in the USA
Hub Standard 608
Smaller Core
Sizes Available 59, 68, 72, 76, 80mm