Nexus E5 PRO Stick


Nexus E5 PRO Stick

$295.99$303.99 Inc Gst

SENIOR STICKS: (70, 77, 87 – FLEX)


The Bauer Nexus E5 Pro ice hockey stick is Bauer’s second elite price point. This mid-kick stick is replacing the 3N Pro and includes key technology upgrades. If you’re a player whose game benefits from some of the latest ideas and advancements in stick technology but looking for a lower price point the Nexus E5 Pro may be the stick for you.

  • ER Spine is designed to make shooting effortless.
  • Hexcel Carbon in the shaft and blade.
  • Dual cell bridge core technology in the blade.
  • Spread Tow Carbon Fiber to help reduce the weight to 390g.

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