Nexus E3 Stick


Nexus E3 Stick

$159.99$183.99 Inc Gst

SENIOR STICKS: $229.99 (70, 77, 87 – FLEX)


The Bauer Nexus E3 Hockey Stick is specifically designed with blade technology to improve puck control while shooting, passing, and stickhandling. The Stick has five-sided shaft geometry that creates an incredibly natural hand feel and makes the stick easier to bend. As well as, the shaft shape of this hockey stick makes your shots more effortless by moving energy faster from the kick point to the blade.

• The sticks shaft geometry also makes it easier to bend

• The renewed carbon fibre structure makes the stick 15 grams lighter than its predecessor

• New structure gives the stick better feel when handling the puck

• The shaft shape makes your shots more effortless by moving energy from kick point to blade faster

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