Mission Lil’ Ripper Adjustable Inline Skate


Mission Lil’ Ripper Adjustable Inline Skate

$202.99 Inc Gst

The Mission Lil’ Ripper Adjustable Inline Hockey Skates are an amazing option for aspiring young roller hockey players. An easily adjustable toe cap can extend or retract between four different sizes, providing ample space and a secure fit as they quickly grow. Included are two sets of footbeds, ensuring a proper fit throughout all four sizes.

Unique to the Lil’ Ripper Skate is the brake arm on the right hockey skate, helping new skaters slow down when they need to find their balance. Mission even has a replacement brake in case the pad gets worn or unforeseen damage ever occurs.

Below the boot are three outdoor-ready wheels built into a Hi-Lo setup, which puts the body in a forward skating stance to improve agility and stability while turning and stopping. A lightweight chassis and a 72mm rear wheel, the largest found on any youth skate, make this one of the fastest setups out there!

Level of Play Recreational
Fit Profile Medium
Weight 660 grams (Y7.0-Y10.0)
Heritage New
Available Widths R (Regular)