Lil’ Rookie Adjustable Skates

Lil’ Rookie Adjustable Skates

$199.99$229.99 Inc Gst

Lil’ Rookie Adjustable Skates

The Bauer Lil’Rookie adjustable skates are designed for beginner youth skaters with a good combination of comfort and support.

Runner: Steel Runner

Holder: TUUK ADJUST Holder

Liner: Microfiber

Tongue: 30oz felt liner

Construction: Fiber Composite

This skate is great for beginners promoting proper fit and skating techniques, with a good balance of comfort and support. The fiber composite quarter package offers support new players need without stiffness, allowing for a more natural stride.

Another great feature is the adjustable toe cap so the skates can be used for longer, easing the concern of having to buy multiple skates per season. These skates come in youth size 7-10 or 11-1 and junior size 2-5, with an easy push button adjustable holder these are the perfect solution for new hockey players.