Bauer Vapor X4 Inline Skate

Bauer Vapor X4 Inline Skate

$849.99$899.99 Inc Gst

BAUER VAPOR X4 Inline Hockey Skate

The BAUER VAPOR X4 Inline Hockey Skate was designed for competitive players looking to take that next step in their game. Featuring lightweight materials and performance-level tech, the X4 Inline Hockey Skate is perfect for continuing to improve in-game ability while gaining an extra edge against opponents.


Key Features:

CURV Composite – The world’s first self-reinforced, 100% thermoplastic composite material made to withstand most things the game of roller hockey can throw at it.


Pro Stock Comfort Tongue – Made to give you a professional feel and performance without any extra weight.


Two-Piece Aluminum Chassis – A lightweight chassis helps you stay light on your feet without compromising performance.


Labeda Gripper Crossover Wheel – The Labeda Gripper Crossover Wheel is designed to be perfect on any hard surface, including sport courts, wood, smooth concrete, and smooth asphalt. Its smaller core design allows the outer urethane mass to flex, maximizing grip and speed.