Bauer Supreme S27 Hockey Pants


Bauer Supreme S27 Hockey Pants

$79.99 Inc Gst

The Bauer Supreme S27 Ice Hockey Pants carries on the Nexus legacy of a traditional fit, which is higher volume in the hips and legs. The S27’s offer the recreational or new-to-hockey player with affordable protection and comfort.

Bauer used hard plastic in the kidneys, hips, and thighs to help guard against those initial first impacts, while medium-density foam adds a level of comfort and extra protection. The exterior is built with lightweight construction and has extra reinforcement in the hips to slow down wear and tear. The S27 Hockey Pants feature a 1″ extension system to accommodate quickly growing players and individuals who might be on the taller, skinnier side.

  • Model Number: 1054984
  • Heritage: Nexus N7000 / Nexus 400
  • Level of Play Guideline: Recreational