Bauer Supreme GS Junior Elbow Pad


Bauer Supreme GS Junior Elbow Pad

$79.99 Inc Gst

The Bauer Supreme 3S Elbow Pad is a solid pickup for the competitive hockey player who is seeking great coverage, protection, and amazing mobility for an awesome price. Once exclusive for top-end models, AMP Technology ensures competitive players experience the same range of motion as the Ultrasonic!

This can be found in the split forearm cap which allows the arm to fully extend for shooting, passing and stickhandling. The forearm even utilizes a 360° molded plastic construction for incredible coverage.

A three-strap system including an elbow anchor strap keeps protection locked down and comfortable all game long. Internally, Bauer used their Thermo Max liner that gives players a soft fit and excellent moisture-wicking properties.

Level Performance
Upgrades 360 Bicep
Sizes M, L
Lining Material THERMOMAX sub
Bicep Guard Independant construction with molded PE insert
Cap Full coverage anatomical split cap design
Forearm Guard 360 Forearm with anatomically molded protection
Strapping Anchor strap