Bauer X Senior Shoulder Pads

Bauer X Senior Shoulder Pads

$129.99 Inc Gst

The Bauer X Shoulder Pad were built for the recreational or new-to-hockey player looking for good protection and comfort at an affordable price. Bauer beefed up protection in key areas such as the sternum and spine with heavy-duty plastic inserts that do a great job of absorbing impact energy. Bauer also used molded plastic as the base of the low-profile shoulder caps and the adjustable bicep guards. These are all topped and lined with medium-density foams to provide a comfortable feel and additional protection. The foam on the back panel is unique with its vented design, which promotes consistent airflow without sacrificing coverage or protection. The Bauer X shoulder caps provide a great range of motion thanks to the Free Flex Technology, truly a standout feature at this price. Unlike some of the competition, the shoulder caps and bicep guards can move independently of the body of the shoulder pad since they attach to each other with nylon straps instead of being sewn together.

Protection Features:

  • Molded cap for a low profile
  • Molded HD resin matrix spine and sternum protectors with PE inserts
  • Perforated foam front and side panels
  • MD foam back panels
  • One-piece bicep with molded PE foam; adjustable biceps protectors
  • Liner hydrophobic mesh technology


Measure the circumference of your chest roughly 1″ below the armpit using a soft measuring tape, string, or shoelace. Correspond this measurement to the sizing chart and cross-reference your height. Personal preference may come into consideration in case there is an overlap between two shoulder pad sizes. For more coverage, go with the larger size. Choose the smaller size for a lower-profile fit and better responsiveness.

2021 Bauer Intermediate Sizing Update: If you previously wore a Bauer Junior LG Shoulder Pad, select an Intermediate MD. If you previously wore a Bauer Senior SM Shoulder Pad, select an Intermediate LG. Bauer designed these new Intermediate sizes to better fit the body of players between Junior and Senior sizing.