Bauer Re-akt 85 Helmet Combo


Bauer Re-akt 85 Helmet Combo


A Bauer Re-AKT hockey helmet won’t completely eliminate the risk of a head injury—no helmet can. But the Re-AKT line offers premium protection with top-of-the-line design and foam technology, to considerably reduce the forces from impacts to the head.

Next-gen Suspend-Tech liners are a staple in the Re-AKT helmet line. Suspended in multiple locations around the helmet, this technology more effectively manages both linear and rotational impacts than did older liners that relied on the heavier EPP foam. And the Re-AKT helmets feature some of the best foams on the market, including VTX, VN, and Bauer’s most resolute and protective one to date: the Poron XRD. Moisture channels situated around Re-AKT helmets are Bauer’s tried and true method to keep your head cool, dry, and comfortable while you work up some heat on the ice.

In the Re-AKT, Bauer has staked its claim as the number one contender in the championship of wellness and head protection in the hockey world. It’s rare to find the total package of protective and comfort features within a single helmet—be proactive about head protection wearing a hockey helmet from the Bauer Re-AKT line.