Bauer Nexus Tracer Grip Stick

Bauer Nexus Tracer Grip Stick

$429.99$449.99 Inc Gst


Track plays down before they happen and control the puck with laser-like precision. Designed for elite-level players, TRACER is the lightest NEXUS stick ever made and features technologies designed to promote an enhanced puck feel for ultimate control. Charge every shot with an improved balance point and mid-kick flex profile to experience a slingshot-like release that even the most dialed goalies won’t be able to see coming.


Key Features:

ER Spine – Control your game with BAUER-exclusive technology that enhances the flex profile and fits better into your hands for optimal control.


Updated Mid-Kick Flex Profile – Experience a more efficient energy transfer when loading and releasing shots, and the feel of an optimized balance point.

TeXtreme® Carbon Fiber Wrap – Ultra-light strength and protection on the blade and shaft to help safeguard against stick impacts and more.

CONNECTECH Technology – Experience enhanced puck feel through a scrim layer found in the blade and shaft that’s engineered to dampen vibrations for more control in shots and passes.