Bauer Re-akt 95 Helmet


Bauer Re-akt 95 Helmet

$209.99 Inc Gst

With 120 years of combined helmet experience, Bauer has developed partnerships with research leaders to develop helmets that perform better than ever before. By having an industry leading research and development team, they have been able to create cutting edge products to provide better comfort, performance and protection for all players. Brand new for 2018, Bauer has added to their elite line of protective helmets, the Bauer Re-Akt 95 Hockey Helmet.Having the proper fit is vital for maximizing the protection a helmet gives. The Bauer Re-Akt 95 hockey helmet will have a wider/circular fit for players that need more room on the side of their head. A tool free adjustment lock is located on the top of the helmet and allows for easy adjustment of the size to ensure the proper fit. Bauer also includes a spring loaded adjustable occipital lock to securely fit the helmet to the back of the head and neck. Fitting this helmet properly will allow all the padding to sit correctly on the head and allow the layered protection to do its job.Bauer will use multiple padding combinations in the Re-Akt 95 to give players the comfort and protection desired, and it starts with the VTX Technology base liner. This foam liner will be lighter than traditional EPP foams and disperse impacts better. Working with the VTX liner, Bauer uses its IX-Foam and XRD (Extreme Impact Protection) inserts to reinforce the protection and comfort of the liner. The IX-Foam will fill in coverage areas that tend to take low medium impacts and the XRD foam located in the temple area Bauer’s top protective foam is meant for repeated impact absorption. The combination of the liner and foams provide players with a lightweight and protective helmet.Sitting independently from the VTX liner, the Re-Akt 95 will have its Suspend-Tech Next Gen liner for a second wave of impact absorbing and dispersing protection. This free-floating liner is composed of multi density foams that conform better to the natural shape of the players head, reducing movement in the helmet. Moisture channels in the Re-Akt 95 liner will also help move moisture away from the face to keep sweat out of a player’s eyes.All of this protective padding will sit in the Bauer Re-Akt 95’s HDPE shell. The construction of the shell reduced the overall weight of the helmet but did not sacrifice any of the durability. More air vents not only help with the weight reduction but allow air to flow more freely though the helmet and keeps players cooler during play.For all types of players looking for enhanced comfort and protection with a wider fit, look no further than the Bauer Re-Akt 95 Hockey Helmet.

  • Protection:
    • Poron XRD Foam dual-layer temple pads
      • Bauer’s most advanced and protective foam designed for repeated impacts of all energy levels
    • VTX Foam base liner
      • Exceptionally lightweight foam that manages both high and low impacts
      • 31% lighter and 18% more protective than traditional EPP Foam
    • IX-Foam
      • Advanced, molded foam that provides unparalleled coverage for low and mid energy impacts
      • Strategically located throughout key areas to eliminate gaps in protection
    • Next-Gen SuspendTech free-floating liner system
      • Exclusive to Bauer, the multi-density free-floating liner moves independently from the helmet to reduce impact energy
    • Variable-thickness HDPE Pro Shell
      • Helps to reduce weight without sacrificing protection or the pro look
    • Profile III stainless steel cage
      • Oval wire shape to reduce weight and to improve on-ice vision
      • Floating dual-density chin cup with moisture channels
      • Classic flat shape
      • CSA, HECC, CE certified
  • Fit:
    • Next Generation IMS 9.0 fit profile
      • Maintains an optimal fit for round head shapes
      • Bauer 3D scanned the IMS 9.0 to replicate the nearly the exact same fit profile
      • RE-AKT 95 runs smaller than the IMS 9.0, make sure to read the sizing guidelines on the description tab
    • Occipital Lock 3.0
      • Spring-loaded with three different height adjustment positions (tool-less)
      • Enlarged padding to provide a better lock regardless of height, similar feel to the IMS 11.0
    • Single, tool-less and locking front-to-back adjustment system
      • Quick and secure feature that does not sacrifice protection like side adjustments
  • Comfort:
    • Multi-density liner construction makes for a plush, traditional fit and feel with modern day protection
    • Strategically placed shell vents for better airflow
    • Moisture channels help to push moisture out of the eyes and out of the helmet
  • HECC, CSA approved
  • Compatible with most face cages and shields/visors

Sizing Guide:

  • Small 20.0 – 22.0 inches 51.0 – 56.0 cm
  • Medium 21.6 – 23.2 inches 55.0 – 59.0 cm
  • Large 22.6 – 24.6 inches 57.5 – 62.5 cm