Bauer GSX Goal Stick 2023

Bauer GSX Goal Stick 2023

$229.99$269.99 Inc Gst

New for 2023, Bauer has revamped their very popular and well-received GSX line, bringing in key upgrades throughout. Re-Introducing the Bauer GSX Goalie Stick!

Starting at the top of the GSX, the shaft is made with a Double Concave design with a Carbon Wrap designed to be lightweight and durable to withstand shots that may hit this area. The Double Concave design allows for a comfortable grip on the stick when holding this stick at any point on the shaft. 

Down on the paddle, Bauer has returned their revolutionary Ergo Construction which shapes and tailors this stick to provide high levels of durability and a lightweight design. This is paired with a carbon wrap to increase durability.

The GSX goalie stick features SUPREME geometry for balanced feel.

Lightweight improvements and a new graphic make this an ideal choice for newer goalies or those looking for reliability and a friendly price-point.

If you are an entry-level goalie looking for a blend of Bauer’s features and technologies from both lines be sure to check out the Bauer GSX Goalie Stick!

  • Level – Recreational
  • Blade Patter – P31
  • Colour – SBK
Carbon Wrap Paddle Construction, Ergo Paddle,
Shaft Technology
Double Concave With Carbon Warp
Blade Technology
Carbon Glass Construction
23, 24, 25, 26, 27 Left