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As we hit day 74 of Auckland being in lockdown as I write this, it’s hard to believe that many of us have lasted this long with minimal social contact, no hockey and the inability to leave the city, let alone our houses. Although it is a stressful and boring time, with vaccination rates increasing,

Established 2005: The History of the NZIHL

2005 was a year of many things like the founding of Youtube and the marriage of Prince Charles and Camilla. More importantly, 2005 marked the year of the very first season of the New Zealand Ice Hockey League (NZIHL). It’s hard to believe that in just 16 years the league has seen a tremendous amount

Sugar, Spice and Girls on Ice | The 2021 Women’s Triple Star Camp

Well folks, here we find ourselves in yet another lockdown due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Although it is gloomy and rough without being able to lace up the boots or tune into an NZIHL game, there are ways to tough out this hockey-less period, such as by reminiscing what events have happened in New Zealand


New Zealand has never been one to be seen as an ice hockey playing nation. Rugby? Definitely. Netball? For sure. But ice hockey? If you asked a person on the street who their favourite national team was in the New Zealand Ice Hockey League (NZIHL), they would probably look at you like you just said

Don’t be a “bender” sharpen your skates mate! – All the need to know tips and tricks around getting your skates sharpened.

Skating really is one of the finer things in life. Nothing beats the sweet sound of the steel of the blades cutting through the ice as you zoom across the rink. Bliss. That is until you go for the turn but instead, blow your tires and are left feeling powerless as you spin into the

“It’s awesome to have hockey as a job” – AJ Spiller | NZU18 Head Coach & AIHA General Manager

Cool, calm and collected, three words that are used to describe AJ Spiller. Having moved from the land of maple syrup and Celine Dion to one of mince & cheese pies and Dave Dobbyn only seven years ago, Spiller has already made his mark on the Auckland Ice Hockey Association (AIHA) as general manager, coach

Lets Talk about sticks – Our Favourite Sticks Part – 1

Hockey sticks over the past year or two are starting to make significant leaps and bounds. From holes in blades for better pop to bends in sticks for an improved flex. We put so much importance on these carbon tubes because they are the most fundamental part of the game aside from skates and the

Taking some good from 2020 – With Andy Mills NZIHF President

It has been almost a year now since the country entered its first lockdown and life, as we all know, changed. During the time we spent questioning reality and life itself as we stayed in our bubbles, we were forced to adapt and go without our weekly visits to local bars, staying away from mates

A Storm is Brewing for Pirates in the Capital

  Wellington has always been a home for many things – politics, art, culture, craft beer, and wind… just to name a few. But it’s never been considered as a home for ice hockey. The capital has seemingly lagged behind some of New Zealand’s “big centres” when it comes to the sport taking hold. Auckland,

The Final Episode – Part 3 of the Centre Ice Story

In June, we explored the origins and beginnings of Centre Ice, as well as the Blong family and how they became synonymous with ice hockey in New Zealand. Last month, we took a look at Centre Ice as it operates today, and how Darren (its owner) is still heavily involved in the sport and helping

Centre Ice: Part 2 – Middle of the ice

PART 2: THE MIDDLE OF THE ICE Last month, we explored the origins and beginnings of Centre Ice, as well as the Blong family and how they became synonymous with ice hockey in New Zealand. This month, we’re taking a look at Centre Ice as it operates today, and how Darren (its owner) is still

Centre Ice: How it all started…

  PART 1: How it all started...   Centre Ice has been selling ice hockey equipment to Kiwis for decades, but its history goes back much further. From farmers in the far North in a small town called Ruawai, to owners of New Zealand’s larger ice rinks, the Blong family has become synonymous with ice


  Why do you play ice hockey? What’s the best part? A: I play hockey because I love it and it is really fun. The best part of hockey is the intensity of the game and how fast flowing it is.   When did you first start playing? A: I started when I was 5

20 Questions with – Katya Blong, Junior Olympic Gold Medalist

  Why do you play hockey? What’s the best part for you? I play hockey because I love everything from teammates, skating, and the feeling of scoring. Without hockey life would be boring.   When did you start playing hockey? I first started skating when I was two and started playing hockey when I was


It’s hard to know whether Jacinda Ardern has ever seen a game of ice hockey, let alone hear about its popularity in New Zealand. Regardless, she’s given Billy Sheard a Prime Minister’s scholarship in the sport thanks to the good old adage of “ask and you shall receive”. Indeed, Billy might be recognised as pioneer


  There’s an old cliché that gets bandied around in the business and sports world – “the company/team is in good hands”. And that saying rings true with New Zealand Ice Hockey.   If you’re a parent or young player reading this, you no doubt have strong priorities when it comes to the future of

Jesse Allen: Auckland to Saskatchewan – Life as a Notre Dame Hound

  Jesse Allen is a Bantam league player from Auckland, who has featured on Aucklands rep teams for the past couple of years. Along with many of his peers at the Bantam level, Jesse has travelled abroad in search of playing hockey at the highest level. Fortunately for Jesse, he is attending the Athol Murray

Joel Rindelaub: Party in the back, party in the front

  Joel Rindelaub has invented a new cliché; “party in the back, party in the front”. The US-native sports one of the finest moustache’s you could ever hope to see, all the while maintaining a glorious mullet of hair out the back. It’s everything a hockey player could ever want when it comes to hair!

NZIHF Development Camps

Last week, New Zealand’s five main sporting bodies (rugby, rugby league, netball, cricket, and hockey) made a collective commitment to fundamentally shift their thinking and approach around kids’ sport. Numbers have been dramatically declining among the five codes, and research suggests kids are moving away from competitive sport, because they just want to have fun

Drew McMillan: a meteoric rise in Dunedin’s ice hockey scene

Drew McMillan grew up in the snowy lands of Alaska.   With white hills on either side of him, he picked up some skates and a stick when he was just five years old. Now, I know what you’re thinking… was this kid playing in the “Saturday Game” alongside Russell Crowe and the lads? He

Jacob Carey: This kid from down south is just 13.

The voice of Jacob Carey down the phone line would have you thinking you’re chatting to a 20-year-old. The fact he’s leaving his home in Christchurch to go and live in Canada, might have you thinking he’s 25. But this kid from down south is just 13. Age hasn’t stopped him. He’s made grades far

Ryan Martinoli – Swiss Elite Junior A: A path to a pro contract

Kia Ora, Gruezi and Hallo, My name is Ryan Martinoli I’m 18 years of age. I am a Kiwi kid from Auckland, some of you might remember me from the Paradice Ice rinks in Botany and Avondale. I am currently playing in Europe, Switzerland, at an Elite level of Hockey for the EHC Kloten Flyers,

Growth is a major focus: Andy Mills – President of the New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation

It’s been a year since Andy Mills was appointed president of the New Zealand Ice Hockey Federation, and his journey with the game has been no stumble in the dark. His love for hockey is rivalled only by his strong desire to make a difference, and years of service has put him in a position

Getting Kids in Skates: What each region are doing to grow learn to play programmes

The sporting landscape in New Zealand is becoming more and more diverse. Kiwi kids are ditching the “non-traditional” sports in order to find unique and niche activities that are both fresh and challenging. A recent study showed that basketball has quickly overtaken rugby as the number one high school sport in this country, and we’ve

Paris Heyd: “We really need to get the junior levels competing”

There is perhaps no name more familiar than Paris Heyd when talking about New Zealand Ice Hockey. The Ice Blacks veteran is a consummate servant of the game in this country, and perhaps one of the hottest hockey talents we have. He’s been a part of two championship-winning NZIHL teams – the Southern Stampede and

Wellington Ice hockey Association: Just – Do It Yourself

Ice hockey in Wellington has finally become reality! With a new full sized rink, a growing community and a few tournaments under their belt things are looking up for ice hockey in the windy city. Centre Ice interviewed Luke Turner, a vital member to Wellington’s growth, to get an insight into what’s been happening in the

Anatoly Khorozov – “Ice hockey is not a game, it’s a lifestyle.”

“Ice hockey is not a game, it’s a lifestyle.”   Those are the words of current Ice Blacks coach Anatoly Khorozov – a name familiar to many within New Zealand ice hockey. He’s dedicated his life to the sport he loves, often moving himself and his family from country to country in order to continue

When Hockey meets the All Blacks…

Some call it fate, others call it chance. Whatever the analogy, the odds of Travis Crickard coming to New Zealand were pretty low five years ago. But thanks to a book, and a good ol’ Kiwi friend, Travis made the trip out at the beginning of the year for a special purpose – to spend

It’s hard to like referees sometimes.

It’s hard to like referees sometimes. As much as we tell ourselves “they’re volunteers,” “they’re not perfect,” or “it’s just a game,” we can still find ourselves incessantly unsatisfied with the performance of a referee. We can’t stand them, but at the same time, we can’t ever imagine being them. So we fall into a

Weekend Warrior: Bill Bartlett

Bill Bartlett is as Canadian as they come – at least that’s how it seems. He’s always popping up at his local Auckland rinks, he’s always showing his passion for hockey, and of course, he’s got that North American twang. So you might be surprised to know, at 61, Bill’s only been playing hockey for

Jake Ratcliffe: Making NZ Hockey History

Jake Ratcliffe is set to make history when he heads over to the United States in August to play NCAA ice hockey. He’ll be the first Kiwi-born male to play college-level hockey, joining female goalie Grace Harrison  – currently at St Lawrence University in New York. But you’ve probably heard of him before. Indeed, the

Kiwis Fly Together – We have come a long way

Ignore the glaring inaccuracy of our 90s kids film reference for a second. Yes, we get it. A kiwi and a duck… it sounds like the intro of a bad pub joke. But like our favourite 10-year-old hockey prodigies, for Kiwis, hockey has always been about one thing – playing with your mates. Whether it’s

NZ Womens Teams Abroad!

As the end of the summer rolls around and everyone is looking forward to the Ice Hockey season starting up again, there is a group of elite Womens Ice Hockey players in New Zealand in the most important time of the hockey calendar. The New Zealand Ice Fernz are heading to Valdemoro in Spain for

Our NZIHL starting players!

Now that most of the New Zealand Ice Hockey Season has been and gone (Mostly) and summer leagues are starting up we thought we would take some time to choose our NZIHL starting line-up for the 2017 season. Forwards: Adrian Toth – West Auckland Admirals Adrian lead the league this year in points, assists and

NZ vs Aus – Our Biggest Rivalry

Early in September the Australian National Ice Hockey team will travel to Queenstown to play our Ice Blacks in a 3 game series dubbed the 2017 Audi Quattro Winter Games Trans-Tasman Challenge. The New Zealand Ice Blacks are coming off a strong campaign earlier this year in which they finished 2nd to a strong Chinese