Who are the New Admirals?

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Every year, new faces enter the NZIHL from all corners of the globe. Whether or not people like it, it seems imports are here to stay. Imports boost the level of skill int the NZIHL and this year it seems the West Auckland Admirals of the NZIHL have recruited 3 of the best players in the League for their 2017 season.


Adrian Toth, Henric Andersen and TJ Battani are the top 3 point scorers in the NZIHL at the moment with a combined total of 78 points in 8 games! In fact, the Admirals make up 4 of the top 5 scoring leaders with Captain Justin Daigle slotting in at #5.

We sat down with Henric Andersen this week to chat about how he is liking New Zealand and the season so far.

Centre Ice: So, how long have you been in New Zealand?

Henric: I got here around the 10th of May so nearly 2 months now.

Centre Ice: How are you enjoying the season so far?

Henric: Its going really well, we just came off some tough games against the Stampede and are still sitting at the top of the table so yeah, going pretty good.2

Centre Ice: Where were you playing before this season?

Henric: I was playing in Sweden before I came here for Östersunds IK in division one and before that ive been playing in France for 2 years for Chamonix. That’s actually how I ended up playing here.

Centre Ice: How did you end up in New Zealand?

Henric: One of the guys I played with in France (Arthur Cocar) had played for the Thunder and through a few connections, Csaba sent me a message on Facebook and we sorted it out.

Centre Ice: How do you find the level of Hockey in New Zealand compared with the other countries you have played in?

Henric: Well ive only played in Sweden and France before I came here and it’s always hard to compare but it’s a little bit lower than I’m used to but it’s better than I initially thought it would be for a country without a strong hockey history.


Also I usually play as a winger but for the Admirals I’ve been playing centre. That also changes the way I play compared to the northern hemisphere countries I’ve been in.

Centre Ice: Who’s your favourite professional hockey player?

Henric: Ohh, theres so many good ones. I want to pick one from Sweden but when I was growing up it was always Lemieux. Now days I don’t have a special player but as a kid, Mario was the guy.4

Centre Ice: What is your favourite hockey memory?

Henric: Probably when we won the U20 SuperElit League in Sweden with Leksand, in 2009/10.

Centre Ice: Looking to the future, what are your plans after New Zealand?

Henric: I’m going back to France at the end of August to keep playing in that league and the following season, who knows? I don’t really plan that far ahead.    5


If you want to keep up to date with Henric and the Admirals, check out the West Auckland Admirals Facebook page or the NZIHL Website.