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Mission Inhaler NLS:1 Skate

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Mission Inhaler NLS:1 Skate

  • Mission have made a huge jump with the new Mission Inhaler NLS:1 Skates. They are the top of the line model in the third generation of Inhaler skates. For the first time ever, an Inhaler skate utilises a featherlight Curv composite quarter package that delivers some of the most explosive power the market has ever seen (Also used in the Bauer 1Xr Inline skate, 1X and 1S Ice skates). Aside from the pro-level stiffness and support it offers, the anatomically-correct fit profile does a great job of naturally contouring to the foot which is then truly taken to the next level once the boot is heatmolded.Also debuting for the first time are the Revision Flex wheels that were built with a dual flexing hub. This means depending on which side the skate is facing, it can either provide a stiffer flex rating for better top end power or it can allow the wheel to flex significantly more for unreal grip. Since adjusting this literally means just swapping out the wheel to face either direction, customising the setup to a player’s personal preference is quick and easy.Unique to the Inhaler Line are the vented toe caps and the vented quarter package that provide much-needed airflow through the boot. The toe cap brings in cool air while the side vents help push out the hot air. Underneath the boot is Mission’s lightest frame they offer called the Kryptonium chassis (Also on the Bauer 1Xr) which attaches to the full lightweight composite outsole. These two components work together to reduce weight as much as possible without sacrificing power or durability.


  • – Quarter Package: 3D-Lasted Curv™ Composite
  • – Liner: 37.5™ Polyester Tip with Supple Edge Comfort patches and Quilted grip liner with Indy Foam Pads
  • – Tongue: True Vented Tongue 2 (3-piece construction)
  • – Outsole: Composite Outsole
  • – Chassis:One-Piece Hi-Lo™ Kryptonium Aluminised Frame (76mm/80mm wheels set up)
  • – Bearing: HI-LO SWISS LE 608
  • – Wheels: REVISION Flex