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Easton Synergy Grip 750 Sr Stick


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Easton’s back with a new line of Synergy sticks!


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Easton Synergy Grip 750 Stick

  • The Easton Synergy 750 Grip Stick is built with most of the top of the line technologies Easton has to offer. First debuting in the Stealth CX, the Synergy 750 showcases ExoRim blade construction and the XTX Resin System on top of the new Shot Boost Technology.The ExoRim blade is a strong and rigid outer frame that not only protects the edges from chipping and cracking, but ensures consistent accuracy by preventing the blade face from torquing on big shots. XTX Resin Matrix works with the EC80 Carbon Fiber allow energy to transfer from the shaft and through the blade as efficiently and effectively as possible. On top of the responsiveness and shot power, the XTX Resin and it’s impact-resistant properties do a great job of protecting the rest of the stick too.The biggest change found on the Easton Synergy 750 is the all-new Shot Boost Technology. Inside of the shaft and in all four corners are carbon fiber tubes that work with the shaft walls to allow players to load even more energy than before. Of course, whatever is loaded must be unloaded, so this extra loaded energy is where the most powerful shot release from Easton to date comes from. Shot Boost Technology doesn’t just stop there either, SBT improves strength by 46% while simultaneously reducing the overall weight of the stick too.


  • – Shot Boost: Additional springs in the corners of the shaft generate more blade speed and provide additional strength
  • – Power Taper: Newly Engineered taper geometry allows players to transfer more power into the blade on every shot
  • – Hypertuned2: Tailors the flex of each blade to the shaft flex to create a more responsive blade for every player
  • – Exo RimTM: Adds velocity through stability, powers the blade through the puck for improved velocity and accuracy
  • – Hypertoe: Creates a stiffened toe region for more responsive shots off the toe of the blade
  • – XTX Resin: A reinforced matrix with impact strength and stretch properties for shaft responsiveness and performance