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Bauer Vapor 1XR Inline Skate 2017

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Bauer Vapor 1XR Inline Skate 2017

  • – The 2017 Bauer Vapor 1XR Skate is the fastest and best fitting Vapor skate to date. The new asymmetrical boot construction provides an anatomically correct fit since the inside (medial) part of the boot extends further than the outside (lateral). This also promotes better energy transfer and mobility by providing more medial support, where power is driven, while the shorter lateral side allows for better range of motion.
  • -The new FlexLock Pro tongue features thermoformable composite inserts that mold to a player’s foot unlike ever before. The material, which is similar to the ortho-resin found in the SpeedPlate, provides 30% more protection for the top of the foot too.
  • -The one-piece lacing has been softened in this 2017 1XR to allow for even better forward flex, which the FlexLock Pro tongue also helps with. The 2nd through the 6th eyelets (from the top) features the lace-locking t-shape that will keep laces tight all game long. 
  • -Internally, the 1XR skate debuts the LockFit+ Pro Dual-zone grip liner that was a product of feedback from Bauer professional athletes. The lower zone has a tacky, grippy feel that keeps the foot locked into the boot to prevent energy loss caused by slippage. The upper portion is a HydraMax 2 material that does a great job of wicking away moisture.
  • -The lowers consist of Bauer’s premier composite outsole, the lightweight Kryptonium and the Revision Flex Wheels that are making their Bauer debut on this 1XR. The asymmetrical Torus design gives the wheel two different stiffness profiles, one for speed and one for grip, depending on which way the wheel is facing in the chassis. Because of this, players can fine tune the wheel configurations to best suit their individual skating style and preferences.
  • Features:   
      • Quarter Package:
        • -3D-Lasted Curv™ Composite with thermoformed X-rib pattern
          • -Featherlight with pro-level stiffness designed for blazing speed, power and agility
          • -Vapor’s signature X-rib design (seen when looking at the rear of the boot) enhances performance for unparalleled response by providing strategic support throughout the ankle. The result is quicker acceleration and better stability through each stride.
          • -Integrated, low-profile anti-abrasion pads
        • -Pro-integrated heel and ankle core
          • -Provides increased stability and longevity
        • -AnaFormable (thermoformable) uppers for an unparalleled customized fit
      • -Skate Laces:
        • -Unwaxed Bauer Vapor Skate Laces
      • -Liner:
        • -LockFit Dual-Zone Grip liner
          • -Premium, abrasion-resistant liner that wicks away moisture and keeps feet locked into place
          • -Lower portion is tackier in order to better lock the foot into place
          • -Upper portion is softer for premium comfort
        • -Dual-Density Ankle Padding
      • -Tongue Construction: 
        • -FlexLock 48oz, three-piece felt with HD lace-bite reinforcement.
          • -Three-piece design provides a better, more anatomical fit around the foot
          • -Thick felt with injected high-density foams through the center provide better impact protection, prevents lace-bite and heightens comfort
          • -Pre-shaped for a more anatomical fit
      • -Outsole:
        • -Injected Pro TPU
      • -Frame:
        • -CNC’d Hi-Lo™ Vanguard™ Ventilator Aluminum Frame
          • -Utilizes (2) 76mm in the front and (2) 80mm in the rear
          • -Offers an aggressive angle of attack for agility while maintaining a low center of gravity
        • -Bauer Square Flush Two-Piece 6mm Axles
      • -Wheels:
        • -Revision Variant Plus 74A (Soft) Wheels
          • -USA-Made with top of the line RV 100 urethane formula for Pro-level indoor grip and speed
          • -Hollow Torus Technology allows the side walls to flex in turns and stops for maximum grip while maintaining a featherlight feel
          • -Ideal for tile or other indoor surfaces
      • -Bearings: -Hi-Lo™ Abec 9 608 bearings