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Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Skate 2018

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Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Skate 2018

  • The Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Skates were built with one goal in mind; to provide the most effective and efficient stride a Bauer skate can possibly produce. The 2S Pro accomplished this with a new Carbon Curv Composite boot, the Reflex Pro Tongue, the SpeedPlate 2.0 Custom Footbed and the Tuuk LS5 Carbon Runners.


  • Completely new to Bauer, the 2S Pro boot features Carbon Curv Composite that is lighter and more heat-moldable than the standard Curv Composite. While the boot anatomically wraps around the sides of the feet with elite-level support, the new Reflex Pro Tongue utilizes moldable composite inserts for a custom fit on top of the foot too. Similar to that of the Vapor 1X, the Reflex Pro offers 20% more protection and the small flex inserts help the tongue to spring-back during the skating stride.


  • Completing the 360-degree custom fit is the heat-moldable SpeedPlate 2.0. Unlike traditional footbeds, the SpeedPlate 2.0 forms personalized arch and heel support for 20% better energy transfer since it adapts to a player’s unique foot shape, eliminates negative space and enhances stability. The LockFit+ Pro Liner helps to secure the foot inside the boot with a tacky bottom portion while the upper portion focuses on abrasion-resistance and moisture management.
  • Sitting inside of the Tuuk Edge Holder are the innovative Tuuk LS5 Carbon runners. Bauer used a soft inner core coated with carbon-nitrate which results in the best edge-bite and edge-retention they have ever offered. The amount of edge-bite is so significant that most players will go down to (larger) hollow to get the same feel they are used to, which then improves glide.While the 1S skate featured a Supreme-specific lacing system, the 2S Pro boasts the new Reflex Pro. Bauer softened the design and re-shaped the bottom half in order to achieve better wrap over the foot. Bauer also included a second set of three eyelets, giving players more options when it comes to different methods of lacing up the skates. The C-Flex Tendon Guard is another avenue in which players can customize the 2S Pro; remove the insert for maximum flexibility, use the stiff insert for a traditional stiffness, or use the medium insert for something in middle.


  • – Quarter Package | 3-D lasted carbon Curv® composite with total edge comfort
  • – Lining Material | Lock-fit pro liner
  • – Ankle Padding | Lightweight memory foam ankle pads
  • – Tongue | Reflex Pro tongue, 3-piece 52oz felt tongue with moldable inserts
  • – Tendon Guard | C-Flex technology with custom inserts
  • – Footbed | Bauer Speed Plate™ 2.0
  • – Outsole | Ultra lightweight vented composite
  • – Runner | Tuuk LS5 carbon-coated stainless steel