Bauer Vapor League 2021 Senior Stick


Bauer Vapor League 2021 Senior Stick

$279.99 Inc Gst

Unleash Power with Elite Vapor Performance: Your game, supercharged! The monocomp construction and unidirectional carbon fibers boost your shots to unimaginable speeds. Take charge and dominate!

Control Like a Pro with the 15K Carbon Reed Club Face: Featuring HyperCore reed core technology, this beauty ensures flawless puck control and lightning-quick shot release. Own the game!

Built to Last with Reinforced Durability: The round racket shaft has extra-strong walls and XE Taper technology – built like a tank for top-notch performance. An unstoppable force!

Fly Light with Featherweight Design: At just 410 grams and 60″ long, the Vapor League racket is your wingman on the ice. Play longer, soar higher!